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Self-Promotion in the Workplace
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Self-Promotion in the Workplace

For some lucky people, the career ladder is like an escalator, carrying them quickly and effortlessly to the top, while for others it’s more of a greasy pole as they struggle to even get a foot off the floor. But there’s no mystery behind who gets promoted – all that’s needed is a bit of self-PR and a can-do attitude.

Getting noticed at work is all about promoting the right image. Are you fun to be around or do you bring the whole office down with your tales of doom and gloom? Do you volunteer readily to take on extra tasks to help the business in difficult times or do you wait, eyes down, until you really can’t get out of it any longer?

“I used to work with someone who brought a ray of enthusiasm and fun into the office,” says Sabrina Pace-Humphreys, founder of the award-winning Trailblazer PR. “This person was rewarded with bigger promotions because they were a pleasure to be with. It’s so important not to let your personal life interfere in your work. You can’t be moody because, while your boss might be sympathetic at first, at the end of the day there’s a job to be done. You’ve got to show that you can be professional at all times.”

Take a few moments to think about what sort of person you’d like to work with on a project. Who might your colleagues rely on and want in their team? Which employee does your manager usually ask to head up projects? Think about the kind of attitude and manner this person has, how he or she might come across to other colleagues, how he or she might behave in the workplace. Then try and project that image back in yourself.

Being pleasant and likeable is infectious, and if you behave like this with clients as well as colleagues, word will almost certainly get back to your manager. “Never underestimate the power of people liking people,” advises Sabrina. “Especially in customer-facing and sales roles, you’ll be surprised how many times customers will talk to the boss about how fantastic you were!” This type of positive PR can be invaluable and will really emphasise to your superiors that you are a motivated team player who has the interests of the company at heart.

Showing this type of dedication and commitment to your work is obviously a big plus point, especially in times of recession. “It really pays in the long-term to show that you can go the extra mile,” says Sabrina. “Some of my staff are constantly asking for more and stepping outside their everyday roles, without expecting to be paid for it. For example, one of my employees is into social media in a big way so asked if he could do something for the company with Twitter. This is great, because as a PR company, we are all about communication, and this employee is helping to market my business, all off his own back.”

This kind of attitude, where you are showing your boss that your job means more than just money and that their business is more than just a 9-5 job to you, is so crucial because it shows that you really care about the business and that you enjoy working there. Employers looking to promote will be asking themselves who do they want to be in charge of their company - who has taken on board the aims and vision of the company and who is actively helping to make these a reality? “At Trailblazer, my goal is to make sure our clients are totally happy with the service we are giving them and whether there is anything more we can do for them,” says Sabrina. “This is so important to me, and anyone taking a lead in asking these types of questions will find themselves in the running for promotion because that’s the sort of person I want working for me at a senior level.”

So, next time you’re in the office, remember the power of positive self-PR and you’ll soon be sprinting up that career escalator in record time!

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