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New Year Resolution: How to Make Your Business Greener

A greener business offers a number of benefits. It saves you money. It helps improve the environment. Additionally, you can use your “green” status to help market your business. In fact, greening your business is a great New Year’s resolution.

Here’s how to make your business greener in the coming year.

Step One: Identify your existing habits and practices

Spend a week or two analyzing your current habits and practices. What habits need to be changed to become more “green”? For example, do you commonly print all agreements or receipts? Do you leave your computer and electronics on at night when you’re not using them?

Keep a journal of the habits you can or want to change to support your resolution.

Step Two: Research how far you can take it

How green do you want to go? For example, do you want to simply modify your existing habits? Or do you want to consider becoming a business that runs solely on natural energy? Decide exactly how green you want to go.

Step Three: Start laying out your plan

You’ve identified the habits you want to change to support a greener business. You have also made a decision about how green you want to be. Now it’s time to plan for success. To achieve success you’re going to need to change your habits, or better still, replace them with completely new ones.

For example, if you have realized that you often leave your electronics on when you’re not using them, you can modify this habit by plugging everything into a power strip. Then you simply turn off the strip when you’re not using these items.

If you’re making major changes like converting to 100% solar power you’re going to want to investigate how to make it happen. This will require not only a change of habit but also a complete overhaul of many of your systems.

Achieving success takes a commitment. Consider motivating yourself with a reward when you achieve success. For example, if you’re converting your office to 100% solar energy you might throw a party to celebrate your accomplishment. This is also a great way to generate some press and publicity. You could speak at your local Small Business Association, at various Networking Groups, or at Chamber of Commerce local events about how you made your business greener.

Going green is a noble goal. You’ll not only save money for your business, you’ll improve the world around you. Identify where you can make changes in your business - and then create a plan to make it happen.

Start Planning Now - Green is Good!

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