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Mum-preneurs on the increase
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Mum-preneurs on the increase

Motherhood is certainly a life-changing event. Our children become the centre of our lives, and we must make adjustments to make sure they’re cared for. Instead of arranging childcare in order to go out to work, more and more mums are choosing to start their own businesses so they can be there for the children and still contribute to the family income.

Self-employment offers a certain amount of flexibility, but in most businesses, a certain amount of time outside the home is required. Alternatively, you might need to meet with clients in your own home, and this can be rather inconvenient especially when there are small children around.

So what’s the answer? Well, more and more mums are looking for opportunities to make money online.

Starting an online business has a number of advantages for mums. These include:

• Start-up costs for an online business are often low. So even if you are not currently working outside the home, starting an online business is usually within reach. Setting up a website and buying some software is often all that’s needed to get started, and that can cost as little as a few hundred pounds, of even less.

• Doing business online doesn’t require you to keep regular hours. You can work early in the morning before the kids get up, during the baby’s nap, or late at night when everyone is in bed. And with the technology that the Internet has to offer, orders can be processed and virtual products delivered while you’re sleeping or taking care of the kids.

• You can get some work done with the kids right by your side. Older children may even be able to help you with simple tasks. For more information on this visit

There are all sorts of online businesses that are great for mums. You could sell your own crafts on eBay, start your own ecommerce website or you could create and sell information products. You could become a Virtual Assistant offering services such as writing, copy or audio-typing, web design and marketing to clients around the world. (Visit to see a good example). Register your details with online Survey companies such as IPSOS or the UK Survey Panel and earn cash or incentives helping the big corporates with market research activities. Even blogging offers impressive money-making potential.

The possibilities are endless, and there’s sure to be something out there for everyone that fits the bill.

Mums make up a large portion of the people who are making money online. This allows them to take a hands-on approach to raising their children while still making money to support the household. They don’t have to count on a sitter to take care of their children’s needs, and they don’t have to make a commute part of their daily routine.

It’s really no wonder that the number of mums starting online businesses is growing in leaps and bounds.

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