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Don’t Cut Back on Marketing - Develop Your Business Network

Research has shown that businesses that invest in marketing during an economic downturn can outperform those that decrease their marketing efforts by a large margin.

The current slowdown in the economy creates a perfect opportunity for you to increase your presence and competitive edge as other businesses may be cutting back on their marketing. By continuing to market your goods and services you will be at the forefront of your customers’ minds when the markets recover and your clients are more likely to spend again. You can also increase the return on your marketing activity through improved customer data, segmentation and knowing your customers’ needs even better.

But it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune - all of this can be achieved by Networking.

There are different types of Networking Groups throughout the UK - some very structured and some less formal. All of them provide useful routes to building strong business and personal relationships with like-minded business people. Even those with a more expensive annual membership of a few hundred pounds can prove to be a very cost-effective marketing tool when compared with commercial advertising rates.

Try a few different Network Groups out and see which is right for you, then make sure you keep up the momentum of attending regular meetings to get the best out of the marketing opportunities that Networking can provide.

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